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Our Mission
Golden Plains Insurance Agency, Inc.'s mission is to provide the finest level of insurance services in a professional manner. We exist to provide the best insurance value to our clients through the strength of the companies that we represent, as well as our direct "agent-to-client" customer service. To achieve this Golden Plains Insurance Agency, Inc. must try to exceed the expectations of the customers by providing outstanding service and superior coverage to each and every one of our clients. We help you identify your individual insurance needs in order to develop the most comprehensive, cost-effective solution.



Bj's Burger and Beverage Table!
Go by and visit our new table!


Springfield is having a baby!!
Christmas tree is staying up until the middle of February. 
Guess if Dawn is having a boy or a girl, birth date, and weight. Guess right and win a $25.00 Gift Certificate. So go by and see the girls in the Springfield office to guess and decorate the tree with your ornament guess!!!





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